U.S. Economy

This video is about America’s current “crisis” and what Ron Paul and Peter Schiff have had to say about it

I’ve been involved in Campaign for Liberty for about two months now. I would never have believed what is going on if I had not researched it for myself. I urge anyone who’s interest has been piqued by this video, to do some digging. I recommend reading Ron Pauls book “The Revolution”. You can also find hours of material on http://www.Campaignforliberty.com. Take a look at the blog on the homepage, and the reading suggestions under the education portion of the page. I could spend hours just watching youtube videos about different topics. Search Money as Debt. It’s a 5 part video series about how money is created and the Federal Reserve. It will make your jaw drop. And then you’ll ask, why doesn’t everyone know this. Simply because they are watching t.v. and haven’t taken the time to learn. Only you can make yourself more knowledgeable. The best time is now.