Little word, ginornous echo.  I’m online a lot. Somehow my exposure to blogs has remained very limited.  Until today, I didn’t understand their potential.  I stumbled across John Chow’s blog at and was amazed to find out that not only can you use a blog to make money, but you can have fun while doing it.  I never connected that blogs are both informative for the reader, and productive for the author.  I’m going to keep this post short to avoid rambling because all this new information is still sinking into my brain.  If all goes well, I’ll be taking John’s words to heart..

“Here’s a clue for all you losers out there; someday never comes.”

I’m not going to start my blog someday. I’m not going to start making money online someday. I’m going to start NOW! Come back and see what things are on my mind and share the things on yours.